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Benji's Buddies Foundation

The Benji's Buddies program will be managed and administered by the Benji's Buddies Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit corporation specifically to utilize Benji’s awareness and cache to help get homeless animals, all types of animals, adopted by branding them as Benji’s Buddies,
thus saving lives and reducing euthanasia. And to assist shelters and rescue
organizations with their fund-rasing efforts.

When the 501c3 non-profit corporation is formed and approved by the federal government, we'll be setting up to accept donations from those who would like to contribute.

Mulberry Square Productions, owner of all of the Benji copyrights and trademarks, and Joe and Kathleen Camp, owners of the dog who plays Benji have jointly donated the use of the Benji trademarks and copyrights and the use of Benji herself for the purposes of accomplishing the mission of the foundation. Joe Camp is the creator of the character Benji, the writer, director, and producer of all the Benji movies, and the chief executive officer of Mulberry Square Productions.